Built by the Romans two thousand years ago, the Peddars Way is an almost straight path from nowhere to nowhere and is now only used by dog walkers and long distance hikers. Look at it on a modern map and it’s a faint line through the emptiest part of Norfolk, running counter to all the main east-west transport links. From the sandy, treed landscapes of Breckland to the open chalk ridges of north west Norfolk, the Peddars Way side-steps the hurly burly of everyday life. I’ve glimpsed green lanes disappearing left and right as it crosses roads that I’ve driven along time and again, it has always been just north or maybe south of my consciousness. I was aware of its existence but knew nothing of its unique loneliness. So, in 2016, in the spirit of a small adventure and getting to know my home county differently, I spent a year walking and drawing the Peddars Way.

There was an exhibition of the work at Abbott & Holder, 30 Museum Street London, WC1A 1LH All work now sold.

I made a book of my walk, Peddars Way A Walk with Chalk. Forty one drawings at forty one stops along the way. Part artists diary, part guide book, A travel companion for anyone walking Norfolk’s loneliest footpath .