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I am an artist who walks. Walkers can not help but be aware of the make up of the earth beneath their feet. Of the changing sounds, temperatures and light levels as they move through a landscape. They pass sheltered spots where tender plants flourish and others where trees are brutally sculpted by the prevailing wind  A walker knows the real distance between here and there. Walking is the basic human act of belonging on, and experiencing this planet. 

I make my drawings on my journeys, they are a way of exploring. Hampered only by chalk pastels, a board and some paper, I can be out all day and make several drawings. Walking-looking-drawing is my way of trying to understand the landscape around me. More recently I have started to write about my journeys too.

Since 2016 I have been following all of Norfolk’s rivers, from source to mouth. Travelling  familiar places along unfamiliar routes. Relearning the lie of the land.