The idea to follow the rivers of Norfolk from source to sea began, like all rivers do, in a small way. A friend asked me to draw his two favourite Norfolk rivers, the Nar and the Stiffkey. A combination of his obvious passion for them and their quiet beauty got me thinking. I wondered why I had never properly looked at Norfolk’s rivers before. I had never bothered to wonder about the stream under the bridge that I crossed, never considered where it had come from or where it was going, never asked its name. I had never peered into water and wondered why it was clear or why it wasn’t.

Spurred on by an alphabetical list of the ‘Rivers of Norfolk’ that sounds like an Old English poem of all things watery and damp, I have followed 40 named rivers and streams, ditches and trickles. For almost 4 years I have drawn them as I’ve followed them, from source to mouth (or sometimes from mouth to source) making over 200 pastel drawings. 

An exhibition of 100 of the drawings will be shown, in two hangs, at Norwich Castle Museum from 13th July 2019 - 12th Jan 2020. I have also written about my journeys along Norfolk’s rivers and a book of my travels will be available from July. 

Pictures marked CASTLE will be available through East Anglia Art Fund from July 13th. Other pictures are not currently for sale.